social networks, deep learning, causal inference, probabilistic programs, recommender systems

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  1. Identifying the Causal Effects of Twitter’s Interventions on Trump’s Tweets
    Swapneel MehtaJames Bisbee, Zeve Sanderson, Richard Bonneau, Joshua Tucker, and Jonathan Nagler
    Working Paper, 2023


  1. Compartmental Models for COVID-19 and Control via Policy Interventions
    Swapneel Mehta, and Noah Kasmanoff
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.02860, 2022
  2. Estimating the Impact of Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior on Content Recommendations in Social Networks
    Swapneel S Mehta, Atilim Gunes Baydin, Richard BonneauJonathan Nagler, and Philip Torr
    In ICML 2022 Workshop AI for Agent-Based Modelling, 2022
  3. Expanding Access to ML Research through Student-led Collaboratives
    Deep GandhiRaghav Jain, Jay Gala, Jhagrut Lalwani, and Swapneel S Mehta
    In NeurIPS 2022 Workshop on Broadening Research Collaborations, 2022


  1. Open-domain Trending Hashtag Recommendation for Videos
    Swapneel MehtaSomdeb Sarkhel, Xiang Chen, Saayan Mitra, Vishwanathan Swaminathan, Ryan Rossi, Ali Aminian, Han Guo, and Kshitiz Garg
    In IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM), 2021
  2. Application of OLS Regression and VAR Models to Analyse the Economies of Varying Political Regimes
    Amrita Ganeriwalla, and Swapneel Mehta
    Journal of Student Research, 2021
  3. Covid-19 Modeling and Control via Policy Interventions
    Swapneel Mehta, and Noah Kasmanoff
    In International Conference on Probabilistic Programming (PROBPROG), 2021


  1. iml-wg/HEP-ML-Resources: 2019
    Matthew Feickert, M Paganini, S Mehta, K Cranmer, JF Low, DH Guest, BPJ Stienen, S Templ, R Di Sipio, M Stoye, and  others
  2. Deepjetcore
    J Kieseler, M Stoye, M Verzetti, P Silva, SS Mehta, A Stakia, Y Iiyama, E Bols, SR Qasim, H Kirschenmann, and  others
    Zenodo, doi, 2020



    1. A Big Data Architecture for Log Data Storage and Analysis
      Swapneel Mehta, Prasanth Kothuri, and Daniel Lanza Garcia
      In Integrated Intelligent Computing, Communication and Security, 2018
    2. Auto-Grading for 3D Modeling Assignments in MOOCs
      Swapneel Mehta, Chirag Raman, Nitin Ayer, and Sameer Sahasrabudhe
      In 2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2018
    3. Anomaly Detection for Network Connection Logs
      Swapneel Mehta, Prasanth Kothuri, and Daniel Lanza Garcia
      arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.01941, 2018
    4. DeepJet: A Machine Learning Environment for High-energy Physics
      Swapneel Mehta, Mauro Verzetti, Jan Kieseler, and Markus Stoye
    5. Auto-grading for 3D Modeling Assignments in MOOCs
      Chirag Raman